Chiropractor Brian Flemming

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Chiropractic is great for the WHOLE family, including your Kids!!

Jane L. - Low Back Pain and overall better health

Seth S. - Headache and increased quality of life 

Tanya S. - Back Pain during Pregnancy, with better sleeping! 

Brady H. - Had Neck and Shoulder pain, now sleeping better, more energy and better outlook on life! 

Jim - Chronic Low Back Pain

Michele - Migraine Headaches and Seizure 

The Davis Family - Chiropractic Wellness is a Family Affair! 

"It is with pleasure that I can recommend Dr. Brian Flemming with Align Chiropractic.  I have had continued pain in my neck and back for years, and after treatment with Dr. Flemming, I now have little or no pain! He is very caring and lets you know exactly what he is doing.  I have referred my daughter, son and granddaughter to him and they, too, are extremely satisfied!  Thank you Dr. Brian!"

- Brenda S.

"Not long ago, I was suffering from a loss of hearing in my left ear. I knew it was a fluid buildup (it happened before).  I went to my PCP after two weeks of unsuccessful home remedy and care.  He referred me to an ENT Specialist.  They proceeded to put me on a round of antibiotics for two weeks (no luck), then steroids for ten days (no luck), then entered into talks about tubes and surgery.  I finally decided to come see Dr. Brian Flemming, and after just three visits my hearing was restored! I KNOW it was restored because my head and neck were properly aligned, making my body equipped to do its job!"  

- Charity A.

"The night of my first appointment with Dr. Flemming, I was on my way to pick up an anti-depressant  that my PCP prescribed for me.  Dr. Flemming asked me to hold off per a few days and give him a chance to do a few adjustments and see how I felt then.  Literally, by the next morning I felt energized and decided I did NOT need any antidepressants. I am thankful I made the decision to go with chiropractic work from Dr. Flemming. Now both of my kids are seen by him and we beat colds quickly.  Thank you so much!!"

-Tammy M. 



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