Pregnancy Care

Pregnancy Care in Loveland

More women are discovering the many benefits associated with chiropractic care throughout pregnancy. Chiropractors respect the body's natural design and function and support your desire for a sager, easier birth.

Chiropractic care is extremely beneficial during pregnancy for both the mother and the child. At Align Chiropractic we enjoy helping mothers and babies have a healthy, happy experience.

The female body goes through many shifts and changes during pregnancy. That’s why chiropractic care is so beneficial and necessary during pregnancy and the birth process!

Enhancing Your Pregnancy

Chiropractic helps keep the structure of your pelvis, hips and spine balanced during the birth process and enables your body to function at its best. As mom functions better, so does your child. Chiropractic care will help both mom and baby to be more comfortable and healthy.

Specifically, there is a neurological and structural aspect to care. Chiropractic care helps your nervous system function at its optimal potential to give you and your baby the best growth opportunity and keep you and your baby as healthy as possible. It helps to minimize your low back pain and keep other discomforts to a minimum as well, not to mention sleeping better at night as well (see testimonial).

Adjustments During Pregnancy

We have belly fitting pregnancy pillows in the office that support you and the baby during adjustments so you will be comfortable and you won't have to worry about laying on your belly during the adjustment.

The care provided is very gentle and specific to ensure the most comfortable and easy adjustment possible.

How the Webster Technique Works

By realigning the pelvis and relieving ligament stress, the Webster technique allows more room and less tension for the baby to move in the belly. This allows the baby the best chance to get in proper position when it’s time to give birth. This is also a big relief for pregnant mothers as it helps encourage a more relaxing, comfortable birth.

At Align Chiropractic taking care of pregnant mothers is our passion. Call 970-663-2273 for additional information.


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