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Lisa Lara-Brown - Office Manager/Chiropractic Assistant

Office Manager/Chiropractic Assistant - Lisa Lara-Brown

My entire professional career has been helping people. In previous jobs I have helped clients achieve weight loss goals, gain knowledge on eating right and lead a more active lifestyle. I am very excited to be working with the align team because I believe I can help the clients live a healthier and longer life.

Chiropractic care is a healthy choice that my family and I do follow to gain optimal health. My role at align. is Front Desk/Chiropractic Assistant. My main focus is that the practice runs smoothly. From the time the patient walks in the door to the time that they leave, I make sure that they have a WOW experience. The best part about working at align. is working with all the patients. I enjoy seeing and hearing about the improvements that the patients are getting from Chiropractic care. Spending time with my husband and kids doing pretty much any outdoor activity is how I enjoy spending my free time.

Sarah Armbruster - Licensed Massage Therapist

I was raised in a chiropractic environment; both my dad and uncle are chiropractors.  I also have a sister and brother- in-law who are chiropractors.  They have always incorporated massage therapy into their treatment plans.  I have worked in each of their offices and finally decided that I wanted to pursue a career in massage therapy.   I finished massage school in 2006 and have enjoyed my career ever since.  I believe that chiropractic treatments along with massage therapy are vital in living a healthy lifestyle.  I absolutely love making people feel better so that they can enjoy each and every day!

Spiney - Office Mascot     Spiney with his other Super Hero friends!!!

Ever since Spiney was a little spine, he has dreamed of growing up and educating people on the benefits of a healthy spine. Luckily, he got his chance while working with Dr. Flemming and his staff at align. Spiney joined the align. team in August 2011.

Spiney's main responsibilities at align. include educating our community about the benefits of a healthy spine, and also sharing his enthusiasm in regards to chiropractic, health and wellness. Spiney especially loves working with children and community helpers. We couldn't ask for a better friend in chiropractic and mascot!


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