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Welcome to Your Loveland CO Chiropractor

Align, Dr. Shane and our entire health care team welcome you to our Loveland chiropractic office. Rest assured that you have found your next chiropractic office, as Align has been voted multiple years by the Reporter Herald as the Best Chiropractic Clinic in Loveland. 

Dr. Flemming was voted Best DOCTOR in Loveland in 2017. Align Chiropractic also has a 5 Star Review rating on Google with around 200 5-star reviews. Read reviews hereOur mission is to help people reach their full potential in life.  And, our chiropractic health team takes a personal interest in you and your health. We are the go-to chiropractic, massage and health center to care for you and your entire family's health care needs. From daily concerns such as neck pain, back pain and headache to lifelong troubles such as poor digestion, poor sleeping ability and fatigue, Dr. Flemming's compassionate chiropractic techniques will help you feel better and more importantly, live better.

Chiropractic Care with Dr. Countryman

If you are new to chiropractic, we want you to understand how the spine contributes to your overall health. Your nervous system's energy flows from your brain down your spine then out to the rest of your body's cells, tissues and organs. If this flow of energy is disrupted by an injury, accident or a misaligned vertebra, the connection or energy throughout your body is inefficient. As a result, your body's personal health is compromised and you may experience a myriad problems including, but not limited to: pain, weakness, numbness, fatigue or a general feeling of unease. Chiropractic care focuses on your nerves that branch off your spinal cord through your spine by gently aligning your spine to it's correct alignment. Leading to your master control center (Brain and Spinal Cord) functioning optimally, and a great side effect is that you feel better. Your energy level improves, your pain reduces and your strength returns. Not only does chiropractic care help with conditions next to the spine such as back pain, neck pain and shoulder pain, it improves conditions and the health of your whole body. We have seen success stories in those with scoliosis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, sports injuries, automobile accident injuries, whiplash, migraines, allergies, carpal tunnel and more through gentle chiropractic adjustments.

Lifestyle Advice with Your Loveland Chiropractor

Dr. Countryman wants to support every aspect of your life. Our chiropractor and Align health team want you to be active, healthy and pain free without the use of unnecessary medication or surgery. Therefore, our advice extends into your every day life. We educate you on corrective exercises to strengthen your muscles and improve your range of motion. We provide nutritional guidance to establish a strong system from which your body receives fuel and healing. We show you how to best organize your work area to eliminate back pain, neck pain and shoulder pain. Plus, we offer massage therapy to compliment your chiropractic care.

Live BETTER with Align

Most people seek chiropractic care because of pain. Whether your pain is the result of a lifelong struggle, overuse injury or unexpected accident, we have the services and techniques to reduce your pain and improve your health. Chiropractic care is beneficial for your entire family. We gently adjust your children to support them through their athletic pursuits and to keep their spine in alignment through growth spurts. Our chiropractic care program is helpful through transitional life stages to keep you feeling and looking your best. You do not have to live life in pain or take daily medication to mask your discomfort. Let us eliminate the cause of your pain and help you lead an enjoyable life. Please call us today to set up your FREE consultation with Dr Countryman. Our evaluation and consultation gives us a strong base from which we provide chiropractic care. Reach us at 970-661-2268. 

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  • Dr.
    Shane Countryman

    Dr. Shane Countryman grew up as one of 5 children deep in the heart of Texas. Staying true to his Texas roots he spent much of his youth under stadium lights and found joy on the field. Because of this Dr.Countryman knows that living a full active life is one worth living.

    Throughout his life, Dr Countyman witnessed firsthand the life of close family members deteriorate because of pain. This ingrained in him a personal and deep desire to improve the life of those who suffer constant pain.

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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

I have neck and upper back problems. I have received outstanding care from Dr. Flemming and his staff. They truly care about my health and healing. Dr. Flemming is doing great things to help improve my overall health. I would highly recommend Him and his Staff to anyone seeking quality Chiropractic care.

- Paul L. / Loveland, CO

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